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Up One Level Culture  Paper
  Name Author #   Post Date    
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Expired Questionnaire on Foul Language
   I am a university student working on a project concerning foul language.
fran 134   Apr-26-2003 - View Results
Expired Reading comics
   The purpose of this survey is to find out the reason of you reading comics/you let your children to read comics.
Thank you^^
kathleen 76   Apr-23-2003 - View Results
Expired Magazine and comsumption pattern sammiho 107   Apr-18-2003 - View Results
Expired Chinese Fate Prediction 中式運程預測
   This is a questionnaire of Chinese Fate Prediction.
Please kindly spend one minute to complete it. It is just a short one.
fate_prediction 129   Apr-10-2003 - View Results
Expired Qoo 果汁的市場調查(REVISED)
   你好!我們是香港大學一年級的學生,我們現正進行一個有關Qoo 果汁飲品的市場調查.
daphne 90   Apr-02-2003 - View Results
Expired A Study on the relations of shyness to involvement in MMOGs
   This study aims to explore the effects of MMOG game-playing on shy people. Some of the questions I hope to answer are: Would shy people have a higher chance of experience positive interactions in a...
glkat 203   Mar-12-2003 - View Results
Expired Uk youth cultural studies
   hi, i'm a design school student

i'm doing a survey about the youth culture in UK
feel free to give us your opinion
fungkei 201   Jan-27-2003 - View Results
Expired STTFlow's February Issue Survey!
   Well, it's that time again. Time to fill out yet another Surrender to the Flow Survey! The results of this survey will be printed in our Februrary Tour issue, and it shouldn't take you more than ...
sttfloweditor 1044   Jan-21-2003 - View Results
Expired Japanese TV Drama
   We are doing a project about Japanese TV Drama in HK, and here are a short Questionnaire for our project, PLEASE spread a few minutes finish it THX!!!!!!!!!!!
kongnet 168   Dec-12-2002 - View Results
Questionnaire STTFlow NYE Issue Survey!
   Welcome to our NYE Issue Survey. As many of you may remember, we used to include one page surveys in our older, larger issues, but when we moved down to our smaller version during the hiatus, we u...
sttfloweditor 1319   Dec-07-2002 - View Results
Expired Price cut on movie ticket. engfilm 99   Nov-12-2002 - View Results
Expired November Aktion zum Thema Deutsche Kultur
   Herzlich Willkommen bei unserem On-Line-Fragebogen. Wir sind eine Klassenzeitung des Deutschkurses 337 an der Universitaet Wisconsin in Madison. Eigentlich moechten wir nur ein paar Einzelheiten ...
deutsch337 166   Nov-10-2002 - View Results
Expired A study Of Popular Culture and Fashion
   I'm a Fashion & Textiles final year student of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I'm doing my final year project about popular culture and fashion. It would be grateful if you could fill in the...
fashionthesis 129   Oct-29-2002 - View Results
Expired Polling OliveOil group members
   In an effort to understand the composition of members on the OliveOil group, I have created this simple survey. Please vote today.
napm 143   Jul-11-2002 - View Results
Expired Safety Seat zwx415 83   Apr-15-2002 - View Results
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