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Up One Level Computer & Internet  Paper
  Name Author #   Post Date    
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Expired Wong Carmen e-Commerce in Practice carmen323 2   Feb-10-2017 - View Results
Expired Tse Lin e-Commerce in practice tselin 1   Feb-10-2017 - View Results
Expired Cheuk Sai Man Simon e-Commerce in Practice simoncheuk 4   Feb-10-2017 - View Results
Expired Wong Ka Ki e-Commerce in Practice waki520 1   Feb-10-2017 - View Results
Expired Cheung Ka Yu e-Commerce in Practice cheungkayu248 4   Feb-10-2017 - View Results
Expired Lau Tsz kwan-e Commerce in Practice lautszkwan 1   Feb-10-2017 - View Results
Expired Kwok Wai Keung Kenny e-Commerce in Practice kennykwk2010 5   Feb-10-2017 - View Results
Expired The impact of Instagram among full-time undergraduates’ shopping desires
   We are a group of Year 1 students from Hong Kong University. We are now doing a group project on the impact of Instagram among full-time undergraduates’ shopping desires. It will be very helpful if...
hksyu163 1   Oct-31-2016 - View Results
Expired Should we ‘be ourselves’ in the virtual world? : A research on deception of identity on the interne
   We are a group of students from Hong Kong Baptist University. We are conducting a research on how people build up fake identity or personality on the internet and how it is going to affect us in a ...
wongkeiyiukathy 46   Oct-30-2016 - View Results
Expired Using Computer in daily life
   We just have 3 Questions,quicker than quicksliver
tsangharry 2   Sep-09-2016 - View Results
Expired test
lukilulu 2   May-17-2016 - View Results
Expired Student Information System in Central China Normal University
   This is a survey to find out the effectiveness of the online Student Information System at Central China Normal University
chiedza 96   Apr-12-2016 - View Results
Expired Survey of electric device
   Hello, we are IVE student, we are doing the final year project.
Our project is going to analysis Android tablet system and make suggestion to keep the market leader, so we require to collect the...
fba25905 104   Mar-19-2016 - View Results
Expired Lam Wai Yip 25909F e-commerce in practice willbox 3   Feb-22-2016 - View Results
Expired ku kit ying 25909F e-commerce in practice zita120736599 4   Feb-22-2016 - View Results
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