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Up One Level Education  Paper
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Expired The Influence of computer on CityU ADCS student's life
   To investigate the habits of how the ADCS students using computer and find out how the computer influence their lifes in both their social skills, physical and mental health.
ta303 91   Oct-22-2002 - View Results
Expired Parent & Student Technology Assessment
   Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. The assessment should take less than 5 minutes.
jbirney 149   Oct-21-2002 - View Results
Expired Questionaire about recycling
   We are from the Science Faculty of HKU. We are currently investigating the problems which are caused by recycling. This paper is focus on all the university students in Hong Kong.
tommyfai 148   Oct-19-2002 - View Results
Questionnaire Family Questionnaire
   Answer all questions to the best of yor abilities, if some questions seem too personal please do not answer.
twitch0201 8   Oct-10-2002 - -
Expired Learning Styles
   We are a group of students of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University working on our final year project.

We are going to develop an e-learning package on Quantitative Methods for Industrial En...
poohpooh107 140   Oct-05-2002 - View Results
Expired Web (WWW) Support Used by Postsecondary Educators and/or Trainers
   The purpose of this study is to identify web based tools that are being used by postsecondary educators/trainers to implement curricula and/or training materials for their conventional courses/trai...
anadenmar 174   Sep-30-2002 - View Results
Expired Penn InTouch Survey
   This will hopefully enable use to make Penn InTouch a little more efficient for the students.
clearing 558   Sep-18-2002 - View Results
Expired Survey on your knowledge of Heroic Rendezvous
   This is a survey conducted by a group of Poly U students for our reference on a co-operative workshop project. Please feel free to answer this questionnaire if you are aged within 15-35 in Hong Kon...
babopatray 106   Sep-10-2002 - View Results
Expired SchoolHistory.co.uk questionnaire
   This questionnaire is designed to get your ideas and feedback on SchoolHistory.co.uk

The time you take to fill this in will help improve and develop the site.
schoolhistory 109   Jul-23-2002 - View Results
Expired Consumer Behavior in Education service
   เรียน ท่านผู้ตอบแบบสอบถาม

akara_soon 115   Jul-16-2002 - View Results
Expired Test Question anadenmar 13   Jun-08-2002 - View Results
Expired Interview form for teenagers
   This is the survey for 6S English project.
Please fill it up and send it to your friend.
The result will help us to do the project. Please take it serious.
tingwai 47   May-06-2002 - View Results
Expired Programming Skills Questionnaire
   IT professionals find themselves in a rapid changing environment. Preparing students for such an environment poses several problems. Firstly the question emerge of what knowledge should be taught i...
ketel 42   Apr-30-2002 - View Results
Expired Polling eind 135   Apr-24-2002 - View Results
Expired Cheating and Plagiarism
   Please take a few minutes to answer these questions. Thank you.
ninarichard 117   Mar-21-2002 - View Results
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